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Creekside Meadows Farm, Tricia Park

Creekside Meadows Farm, Tricia Park

September 26, 2019
If you've never had pasture raised beef and pork just do it. You won't believe the taste. If you love'll hit the Fort Knox of flavor. It's out-of-control delicious.
Tricia Park, her husband (both military veterans), and son run Creekside Meadows Farm, a small farm in upstate New York. Started 20+ years ago it has been a learning experience for all of them. On the arrival of their first small heard of cattle she said, "It has to be profitable or it we don't do it." Listening to her it sounds like they figured it out with some help along the way and a lot of perseverance. 
Tricia tells us about her farm and its offerings as a CSA and how the farm grew and became a viable business allowing them to do what they love and have a life as well. Make no mistake about it, Tricia made sure the financial and business ends were in place for the farm while her husband and son managed multiple farm operations....and I've seen her in the fields as well. It should come as no surprise the farm is run well as both Tricia and Matt are military veterans. They know how to get things done...and they are always smiling. I think they like what they do.
Tricia shared some resources for Military Vets and women who wish to farm. 
"Farm-ops" is the veteran focused part of Cornell Small Farms.  Dean Koyanagi is the head and veterans interested in farming can look them up at:
If you are a veteran and looking for help starting a farm visit Farmer Veteran Coalition.
Tricia's main farm business training came from The program was Whole farm planning for Beginning Women farmers.

 Visit Creekside Meadows, an all pasture raised farm, at Creekside Meadows Farm, and on Facebook and Instagram. 

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