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Bryony Grealish of The Fingerless Kitchen

Bryony Grealish of The Fingerless Kitchen

June 16, 2020

For Bryony Grealish challenges and roadblocks are opportunities. She dreams big and her goals are many...

  • Change perspectives on what you thought was impossible to possible.
  • Inspire people of all abilities to learn how to cook.
  • Bring representation of disabilities to the world of food.

And that's just for starters. She is well on her way to picking them off one by one, and sticking with the tough ones until they are complete. Cook? You name it, she will or has cooked it. Bake? Same thing. Build a pizza oven? Done

Bryony and I agree that the only limitations are the ones we impose upon ourselves. She challenges others in the kitchen and shows them they can overcome limitations. Be like Bryony, don't have any limitations.

The Fingerless Kitchen

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